Sample letter to collect payment or document

Sample letter to collect payment or document

Please do pay Rs 1500 immediately to ensure continued services on your ABC postpaid mobile number 99999=00000.

You have a postpaid connection on the name of Aman Bhatia with our company. The billing date of the connection is from 1st of every month to the last day of the month. We were crystal clear with the payment terms and conditions when we offered you with the postpaid connection. It was clearly mentioned that the time given to clear the dues is maximum one month beyond which the company has the right to terminate the connection. We want to bring in your notice that the time given to clear the billing dues has already elapsed, and we have still not received your payment.

Prior to this we have sent you two reminder mails to clear the dues. This is the final reminder for the payment of Rs 1500 against your postpaid mobile connection. In case we don’t receive your payment in next 3 working days we will be forced to close your postpaid connection.
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  • Sample letter to collect Payment or document

    I would like to request you to please send me the cheque/report for the new project we are working on. As a financial consultant who has worked for 30 years, I am sure you will appreciate that I want a complete breakup of the payment/ report details. I want to be certain regarding the veracity of all the details and I am certain that the cheque/report will fulfil all my requirements. The cheque/report should be sent to me at the following address:

    Name: John Abel Smith

    Residential Address: 410, Grosvenor Square, Berkshire Road, Putney, London-1324567

    The cheque/report can also be sent to my office at Belgravia. The address of my corporate office is given below:

    Official Address: Chief Financial Consultant and Proprietor, Dexter Financial Consultancy Limited, New Light Road, Belgravia, London-1320453

    Please ensure that the cheque/report is addressed to me by name so that I am able to access it. I am certain that it will go a long way towards growing our professional relationship if the cheque/report is sent promptly. Please also enclose a description of the project timeline so that I can plan my schedule accordingly. I am really looking forward to working with you and making the project a huge success. Our working relationship has gone from strength to strength and this project will be one of the highlights of our professional achievement.