Sample letter to complain character defamation

Sample letter to complain character defamation

I am writing this to make a complaint. Yours is an organization of very good repute. It is known for great ethical values, but recently, I came across disappointment with some of your employees.

I would like to bring it to your notice that certain employees of your organization have been spreading false information about me. There have been repeated attacks on my character and reputation. There have statements made by your employees against my character and the way I conduct business. Some of your employees were quoted saying that “I cheat my business partners” and “abuse my employees” which are completely baseless and untrue. i understand the being in the same industry our companies are pitted as competitors but to succeed and survive I don’t agree with such behavior against me.

I believe I have done the right thing by complaining to you, as I am sure that being that head of your organization you will definitely look into the matter and reprimand the employees concern. Please ensure that such incidents do not happen again as it is detrimental to both our organizations.

I hope this complaint is considered as a fair warning and has the desired effect or else I would be forced to take legal action against your employees.
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  • Sample letter to complain character defamation -Mayura Parab (03/23/14)
  • Sample letter to complain character defamation

    This is with reference to your newspaper article in today’s edition of The Awake regarding unethical practices used by political leaders to win State elections .

    The reference to my father Shri Satyen Kaushal of winning last elections by illegal means is baseless and in bad taste. The reporter has not gathered complete information and resorted to adding his own script by calling Shri. Kaushal a manipulator and bad for democratic society.
    All above allegations without proof amount to character defamation which we strongly refute and feel that were not investigated by your paper’s top editorial board.

    My father is heading many social organizations and even is a receipent of the Nagrik Sanman award last year. On behalf of the family, we request to issue an apology in the press with immediate effect or we will be forced to take legal action against your newspaper.

    We call upon you take action and doubly check your sources before printing defamatory articles in your paper.