Sample letter to compliment a boss

Sample letter to compliment a boss

I am writing this letter to show how pleased I am to have a boss like you to work with. You are a gem of a person hardly found in this competitive world.

Three years back when I joined as a junior to you I had the picture of a rude and arrogant boss in my mind. But that picture came up entirely opposite the moment I met you. You are not like other bosses who prefer to dominate their juniors and boost their ego by showing off. You helped me in every project and showed the right path to be followed in the corporate world. You taught me to deal with the inner politics that are a common part of the corporate world. There was never a moment when I felt that you are a boss and I am a new junior in the organization.

You are a mentor to me and I really feel lucky to have a boss like you. Thanks for being so nice and supportive to me and everyone else in the organization.
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  • Sample letter to compliment a boss

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards you for supporting me at the annual management meeting. As my direct superior, you have extended your guidance and assistance to me for all my work projects at Silicon Software Private Limited. As a software engineer from one of the leading schools in the US, I have learnt so much from you in the past years that I have worked with you. Sir, you are an inspiration to me. I have watched the efforts you make to ensure all the project deadlines have met. You have always served as an example to all of us at Silicon Private Limited. Our entire software development team is indebted to you for steering us through the challenges of recession. As the global economy started to slump last year, we were afraid that business would be adversely affected and we would all lose our jobs. It is due to your brilliance and ingenuity that we were able to retain all our clients.

    I am appreciative of the new initiatives you have started for all of us at the office. The new performance appraisal system which measures work productivity on the basis of qualitative and not quantitative methods is deeply appreciated by all members of our staff. I am also grateful to you for granting me leave during the busy summer months to visit my sister Emily. She just gave birth to my nephew and I was delighted that I could be present at the occasion. I am aware that it was a hectic time at work and granting me leave was a kindness that you extended to me which I will always cherish. Sir, you have instilled professionalism and core values in me. I have grown professionally due to your efforts. Thank you for your guidance and supervision.