Sample letter to compliment a product or service

Sample letter to compliment a product or service

I find immense pleasure in telling you that my child is very satisfied with the laptop we bought from your website 3 months back.

Till few years shopping of electronic products from the online website was not considered a wise decision. But perhaps it is companies like yours which have given a new dimension to the shopping of electronic products from the online portal. We bought a laptop from your online website on 1st November 2013. It was really a tough decision buying it online. We are happy today that we did it. We got it at pretty reasonable and competitive rates from your website. The product is original and has no duplicate parts in it. It had all the accessories, in fact extra accessories than what a brick and mortar seller must have delivered. The product is supported by a warranty card of 2 years which makes it a best buy.

I want to thank you for the timely delivery of the product and for all other benefits. Your website is doing a great job.
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  • Sample letter to compliment a product or service

    We are writing to your company to convey our immense pleasure and gratitude to you for your amazing product/service. We would like to compliment the staff and management of your company, Al Fresco Software Products for giving us the best product/service we have ever received. As software engineers, I and my spouse Mabel are constantly on the lookout for a software company that has innovative products and impeccable services as our home business is reliant on sourcing supplies from such firms. We were amazed at the quickness with which your customer service division responded to our sales query. We placed the query to your customer service representative on Monday, 24th May, 2014 at 10:00 pm. Despite the immense complexity of our query, we received a satisfactory response from the representatives within 4 hours of putting the query forward.

    We are extremely happy with the products of the company as well. The products are well engineered and the programming is top grade. We are also delighted with the innovative features of your financial management software systems. Our customers are able to generate audit and accounts reports within 5 minutes after using this wonderful software. We also want to compliment your software development team on developing products that transfer information from one system to another on an automatic basis. We are certain that our business will grow further if we continue to source products from your firm. Please accept our congratulations for your wonderful products and impeccable services.