Sample letter to compliment a teacher

Sample letter to compliment a teacher

Sometimes words cannot express our immense gratitude towards a person. Today I am facing short of words to express my immense love and respect that I have from you right from the time I appeared in your first class.

In this competitive world where every person thinks about minting money your main aim was to deliver quality education. After I left my school and started preparing for the entrance exams, I always felt nervous about what will happen in the coming entrance exam. To my happiness, all my fear vanished when I attended your first lecture. You had that spirit that brings the best out of students. You gave me the required motivation to move ahead in life. You taught to just work hard and appear in the exams without worrying about the results. It was just what a perfect mentor is all about.

I really thank you from the depth of my heart for being there. You were and you will be always my inspiration.
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  • Sample letter to compliment a teacher

    I am writing this letter to compliment you on the wonderful improvement in Mirabel’s academic performance this year. As her class teacher, you have encouraged her to become more confident. She has also acquired deep interest in English and I am sure your poetry readings have played an important role in this. As a young widowed mother who has to work to support her family, I have very little time to spare. I often struggle to find enough time in the day to help Mirabel with her studies. She is an inquisitive and intelligent girl. After her father’s death in a motorcycle accident, she had become withdrawn and quiet. I myself was grappling with severe depression and I had to even undergo counselling. Were it not for your timely help and caring attitude, Mirabel would have never recovered from her grief.

    She told me about her chat with you regarding heaven, God and death. I am certain that your guidance has helped her to become the topper of her class this year. Apart from her excellent academic performance, she has also displayed great emotional maturity. She is making a transition into a sensitive and caring adult due to your support and effort. I am also indebted to you for your amazing teaching skills. My child has learnt so much in just one year. She has become skilled at handling numbers and calculations. We were at the department store the other day and she calculated the bill so accurately that the sales clerk at the cash counter was amazed. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for tapping and unleashing the inner potential in Mirabel.