Sample letter to compliment an employee

Sample letter to compliment an employee

I would like to send my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Aman of your bank for providing the excellent and prompt service to the clients.

I have a saving account with your bank from last 15 years. The account is on the name of Ms. Ananya Bhatia and the account number is 23456-abc-12. Due to the inactivity and no transaction in last 5 years, my account was blocked. Moreover the bank changed the old five digit account numbers and replaced them with new 10 digit account numbers. I was really feeling helpless when I visited your bank 15 days back to make a transaction. At that time I came to know about all the complexities associated with my account. But I really thank customer care executive Mr. Aman who came forward and explained to me all the matter. He told me the step by step procedure to activate my account. I followed the procedure and in a matter of 5 days my account was activated.

It is the employees like Mr. Aman who make any organization successful. Please accept my wholehearted appreciation for having a great team.
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  • Sample letter to compliment an employee

    On behalf of the management and sales team at Higher Growth Informatics Limited, we would like to compliment you on your hard work and consistent punctuality. We are delighted at the early attainment of sales targets this month due to your efforts. When Bill from the Chicago office fell ill unexpectedly last week, you supported the company by taking his place and giving a very important presentation to all our clients there. This helped to generate more business for our company and insured that we were able to retain some of our most valued clients. Without this presentation, we would have lost critical sources of revenue and our key clients would have gone to our competitor, Sun Shine Informatics Corporation.

    We are extremely grateful to you for your timely support. Your loyalty towards our company is appreciated. We are aware that several rival companies have been trying to approach you and you have rejected their offers. We are grateful to you for your steadfast refusal to join our competitors. We are very appreciative of the huge sacrifices you have made on the personal front to work late at the office on all 5 working days. We are also indebted to you for your well researched and invaluable sales reports and inputs for our new products this winter. We are giving you the Best Employer of the Month award in recognition of your dedicated services to the company.