Sample letter to confirm a guest's attendance at a conference or symposium

Sample letter to confirm a guest's attendance at a conference or symposium

This letter will serve as written confirmation for your attendance at the upcoming financial summit to be held in New Delhi. We are pleased to have you as a respectable guest in the international summit.

To prepare you for the conference I would like to highlight a few specific things. Although it is an international financial summit, still the organizers have decided to keep it as an
informal event. There is no need to be dressed formally in the summit. It is an open summit where people can have an interaction with the chief guests and can get the specialized product information. The financial summit is going to start from 25th of February 2014. It is a three day summit. The timing of the event is from morning 9 am to evening 9 pm during which there will be guests’ lectures, open sessions and the books launch.

If you need any kind of assistance regarding the place knowledge or any other, you can contact me at 98900-98900.
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  • Sample letter to confirm a guest's attendance at a conference or symposium

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the New Asia Assurance Financial Company, we confirm and welcome your participation at our annual conference/symposium at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are looking forward to your attendance at our conference/symposium as our Special Guest for the evening. The theme of our annual conference/symposium this year is “How to Make Money despite Global Recession and an Unstable Stock Market: Challenges in the New Era”. Please find all the particulars regarding the symposium/conference noted below:

    Venue: Conference Hall 231, Green Diamond Building, Revenue Hall, Bloomington Square, Chicago, US-4837582

    Date: 26th July, 2013

    Total Attendance: 450 companies in all. A total of 1,000 speakers will participate in this event.

    Duration of the Conference/Symposium: 2 hours

    Timing: 9:00 am to 11:00 am

    As our Special Guest, we would also like to request you to please say a few words on the occasion. As a leading financial investor and stock market expert, your invaluable inputs will be more than welcome for our audience of over 15,000 people. The audience will comprise company representatives, independent researchers, stock market analysts and financial experts. The proceedings of the conference/symposium will be telecasted via the Star Television Financial News Network on their channel STF561. The event will also be broadcasted on local radio channels. We are certain that this conference/symposium will mark a turning point in the history of financial trading in Asia and across the world. We will be covering all your accommodation and travel expenses. Our event organizer Mr. Jeremy Smith will be sending you all the details via electronic mail over this weekend. Please contact us at 2234-29493 should you have any further queries.