Sample letter to confirm Address

Sample letter to confirm Address

I am writing this letter to confirm the address change in my bank account. Please see the details and make the necessary changes.

I have a bank account with your bank by the name of Ms. Ananya Arora and the ten digit account number is 23456-as-122. I want to update my new address in your records. The old address was 1 Janki Nagar, Near Bombay Hospital Indore. I want the address to be changed to 15 Janki Nagar, Near Bombay Hospital Indore. The only change has been in the number of house and so I request you to make the necessary changes. My all correspondence is going on the wrong address.

I request you to update the new address as soon as possible. For the purpose of proof I have enclosed the latest telephone bill which is attested by the government officer. In case of any confusion, I can be contacted at mobile number 90000-00000-
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  • Sample letter to confirm Address

    This is to confirm that Mr. George Harrison has been residing at 23, Bell View Street, Near Crompton Mall, Hill Square, Pasadena, California for the last 4 years. This information is as per the service records of Mr. Harrison at our company, New Life Fashion Apparels, where he has been working as a textile designer for the past 10 years. Mr. Harrison is a full-time employee at our company. He has furnished the following documents to us as part of his address proof:

    1. Utility Bills
    • Electricity Bill for the period 01/01/2013 to 31/1/2013
    • Water Bill for the period 01/03/2013 to 01/03/2014
    • Internet Connection Bill from 01/02/2013 to 01/02/2014

    2. Household Registration Book Number
    3. Bank statement for the year 2013 to 2014
    4. Credit Card statement for the month of March, 2014
    5. Correspondence from New Life Insurance Company
    6. Official document issued by the Public Records Department of the State of California’s Government Office indicating that Mr. Harrison resides at his own home at the above mentioned address.
    7. Sale Deed: between Mr. Harrison and Ms. Isabel Smith signifying that the house at Bell View Street was purchased by him.

    Please accept this letter as a confirmation of the current address of Mr. George Harrison. In case you require any additional certification from us or a formal statement regarding the same, please contact our corporate office at the address below:

    New Life Fashion Apparels (Privately Held Company)

    Corporate Office: 832, Blue Diamond Corporate Tower, Remington Complex, Pasadena, California, US: 457384.

    Telephone: +91-100-234757291

    Fax: 892753958021


    We are also sending a photocopy of Mr. Harrison’s service records from our HR department so that you can verify the address we have confirmed in this letter.