Sample letter to confirm cancel and replace a stolen credit card

Sample letter to confirm cancel and replace a stolen credit card

This is to bring in your immediate attention that I have lost my credit card today on 23rd January 2014 around 9am. Please block the card immediately so that no financial loss is made.

I am writing you the details of my credit card. The credit card is issued on the name of Ms. Ananya Bhatia and the credit card number is 248574. It has been more than two years I have been using this card. The last transaction that I made from my card is on 21st January 2014. I purchased perfume for Rs 4400 from a shop named Steel. And the very next day in the morning I lost my card. Any transaction if made during this period is not carried out by me. Please consider the block request immediately.

Please consider it as an official written request to issue a new card. My official address as per the record is 14 Janki Nagar, AB Road, Indore. You can send the credit card at this address. Thank you for the kind cooperation.
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  • Sample letter to confirm cancel and replace a stolen credit card

    I am writing this letter to confirm my request for a new credit card following the theft of the earlier one issued to me by the bank. Please cancel the earlier card. My present credit card was stolen during my workout at the New Found Health gym at Pasadena in California. The card was stored in my gym bag while I was working out. When I sought the card for making the payment for the gym session, I discovered that it was missing. I have listed the particulars of my stolen credit card below:

    Credit Card Number: 97475885GH

    Issued On Account Number: SD329475737271

    Date of Issue: 20th May, 1996

    The card was stolen on Tuesday, 25th September 2014 and I made a complaint to the police regarding this as soon as I discovered the theft. Please find attached a copy of the police complaint filed by me to the California State Police Department unit at Pasadena. The card must be deactivated immediately to prevent it from being misused by the thief. Please accept this letter as a confirmation of my request to cancel my present credit card and provide me with a new one. I have been a customer at Financial Capital Bank for nearly 30 years now and I have always been very satisfied with the performance of your bank. I am requesting you to please expedite this matter so that the stolen card is not used to make unauthorized payments. Please let me know by when the request will be processed and I will be issued a new credit card.