Sample letter to confirm Employee after probation

Sample letter to confirm Employee after probation

This is in reference to your appointment with our company on the profile of Equity Advisor. You became a part of the organization on 1st August 2013. We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully completed the probation period.

At the time you were offered this job, it was clearly mentioned that you would be on the probation period for six months, after which the company will decide to retain your or not on the basis of your performance. You have come out with great colors during this period. You have completed the revenue generation target given to you every month. Moreover we were delighted to see you in the top performing candidates of the company.

Please consider this mail as the official confirmation. There is no change in the rest of the terms and conditions. In case of any doubt feel free to mail me at We wish you all the best for the future endeavors.
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  • Sample letter to confirm Employee after probation

    We are pleased to confirm that you are now employed as the HR manager at Fresh Talent Consultancy Private Limited at our New York office. Following the end of your probation at our company on 5th May, 2013, we have reviewed your performance and decided that you have the right qualities to be an employee at our company. Talent Consultancy Private Limited is devoted towards hiring creative thinkers who can come up with innovative HR practices and procedures at the company. You will commence your employment with us from 10th May 2013. We are assigning you to operate at our New York office as we are certain that you will be able to excel there. Your work duties will be as follows:

    • Conducting 360 degree feedback sessions and performance appraisals
    • Preparing HR reports
    • Formulating and conducting training programs for new employees
    • Carrying out recruitment drives for our clients
    • Designing motivational programs for our employees
    • Maintaining employee and client records
    • Sending out interview letters to prospective employees

    You will be working directly under the supervision of Mr. Maxwell Bend who is the Vice President (Human Resources) at Fresh Talent Consultancy Private Limited. You will report to Mr. Bend’s personal assistant, Ms. Isabel Swan on the first day of your employment. She will arrange an appointment for you to meet Mr. Bend so that you can get started immediately. Please make sure that you also collect your employee identification card and identification tag from George Smith at the HR department. George will also lead you to your new office and introduce you to Gina Mathews, who will be your personal assistant and secretary for the duration of your tenure here. On behalf of our management and staff teams, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you.