Sample letter to confirm Meeting, interview or an appointment

Sample letter to confirm Meeting, interview or an appointment

As per our telephonic conversation, I would like to acknowledge my presence for the interview at venue mentioned in the trailing mail for post “Utility & Revenue Manager”. I will be there right at time mentioned in the interview call i.e. at morning 9 am on 15th March 2014.

I had gone through the list of the documents required during the time of interview. In the interview call you mentioned to bring the degree of the post graduation but due to delay in proceedings by the university, I won’t be able to present it on the interview day. I could present a letter attested from the college authorities which would state the tentative date for the final semester mark sheet and degree allotment. Hope you consider my plea as I am waiting for the opportunity from long time.

Apart from the final semester mark sheet I will bring all the related documents and certificates at the time of interview.
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  • Sample letter to confirm Meeting, interview or an appointment

    This is to confirm that we will be meeting/interviewing you at our Belgravia office this Tuesday. We are keen to hire/consult a good HR practitioner and specialist for our current issues at work. Our company, High Life Fashions Private Limited is undergoing a considerable drop in profits due to an unmotivated work force. We are facing business loses due to the global recession since 2007. This has led to the exit of several of our top executives and we are currently staffed by managers who are too lackadaisical in their approach towards work. We need to generate record sales and find new methods to attract and retain all our clients. We are looking for a dynamic and hardworking person to work with us and make our goals attainable. The venue and other details of the meeting/interview are listed below:

    Venue: Conference Room 2314, High Life Fashions Private Limited, Building 894, Solitaire Diamonds Building Complex, Los Angeles, California-359295

    Time: 9:00 am to 11:00 am

    Date: Monday, 12th May, 2014

    Persons Who Will Be Present At The Interview/Meeting Along With You:

    Mr. Sam Turin (Chief Executive Officer)
    Ms. Isabel Samuel (Head of Sales and Marketing)
    Mr. John Taylor (Head of Human Resources)
    Ms. Rene Descartes (Regional Sales Manager)
    Mr. Tim Collins (Vice President, Sales and Marketing)
    Ms. Angelina Jones (Vice President, Human Resources)
    Mr. George Wilkins (Manager, Human Resources)

    We are looking forward to meeting you this Monday. Please call us at 99783752 if you need any more information regarding the meeting/interview or directions to the venue.