Sample letter to confirm Receipt of report, letter or money

Sample letter to confirm Receipt of report, letter or money

This is to confirm the receipt of report prepared by you for the research task allotted by the company. We belong to the service industry and the factor that drives the success of service industry is the customer satisfaction.

On 25th December 2013, we allotted you the task of conducting research in the various homes and areas where we provide our carpet cleaning services. The main aim of research was to get a feedback about the quality of work delivered to clients. It is good to see that you and your team have conducted an honest research. The report is also delivered well in the given time. We would go through the entire report to know the status of the services provided by our team to the valuable clients.

Thanks for attaching the survey forms along with the client details with the research report. It will surely help us to make our services better.
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  • Sample letter to confirm Receipt of report, letter or money

    We hereby confirm that we have received the letter/report/payment you have sent us this Monday. We are glad that it has reached us in time as we are in urgent need of it. Gina Chemical Laboratories is a premier scientific research institution and it is oriented towards pioneering cutting-edge research in the field of life saving pharmaceutical drugs. Health care needs have expanded considerably in recent times and we are constantly on a lookout for new avenues of research that can help all of mankind. Your letter/report/payment will go a long way towards furthering our research studies in key areas such as medications for lung cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, blood cancer, throat cancer, congestive heart failure and numerous heart diseases. Your letter was received on 10th October, 2012 /Your report/payment details are listed below:

    Report/Payment Towards: New Life Research Project (for pioneering the invention and development of important medication to counter life threatening diseases).

    Report Title/Amount Paid: The Importance of Bio Engineering and Stem Cell Research For Creating Pharmaceutical Medicines/ $60,000 only.

    Mode through Which Report/Payment Sent: Delivered via Blue Hill Couriers (tracking number 980754, consignment sent on 11-10-2014/Cheque (Number 5467 drawn on Canada Bank, dated 19-02-2014)

    Please confirm that you will be sending further letters/reports/payments so that our research efforts are fruitful. We are currently at the preliminary stages of research and we are in need of some more valuable data/money so that our new project is a success. Gina Chemical Laboratories is able to make rapid strides in the field of pharmaceutical research due to support from people such as you. We are looking forward to further help from you regarding several of our other key projects as well. We will be sending you details regarding these projects soon.