Sample letter to confirm stop payment on a check

Sample letter to confirm stop payment on a check

This letter is my official notice to stop the payment for the cheque number 258963. It was issued to company ‘Financial Investment’ on 23rd January 2014 and is dated 1st February 2014.

I have a current account with your bank from last seven years. The account number is 789012345 and is at the name of Ms. Akashi Bagga. I had issued a cheque of Rs 20, 00,000 to the investment firm named as ‘Financial investment’. Today I came across the fact that the company is a fake entity. They are here in the city to just fool the people by promising them false returns.

Today is just 29th January 2014, and the cheque is of date 2nd February 2014. I went to their office to collect back the cheque just to find out that they have disappeared. So it’s my request for the stop payment of cheque 258963. I am ready to pay for the in-convenience fee that is charged as per the bank’s rules and regulations.
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  • Sample letter to confirm stop payment on a check

    Please accept this letter as a confirmation that I want the payment on a check issued from your bank dated 26th May, 2012. I issued the check to New Books Private Limited for a book I had ordered from them. The book in question was “The Ideals behind Financial Principles” authored by Simon Black. However, the company has informed me that the book was not dispatched because it is currently out of stock. They requested me to withdraw the payment for the book as they are unsure about when they will receive their next consignment due to the incoming snow storm. I therefore request you to please stop payment on the concerned check. Please find the particulars regarding the check and the transaction listed below:

    Check Number: 67584751

    Issued On: 26th May, 2012

    Account Number: 8757377272718383

    Drawn In Favour Of: New Books Private Limited

    Amount: $1000/-

    Please ensure that the payment on this check is stopped. In case you need further written or telephonic authorization for me, please let me know. I am also enclosing a photocopy of the check so that you can note down the particular details regarding it. I have informed New Books Private Limited that you will be stopping payment on the check so that they can notify their Accounts department regarding the same. Please notify me once the payment has been stopped so that I can enter it into my records as well.