Sample letter to congratulate an employee on Anniversary

Sample letter to congratulate an employee on Anniversary

We are very pleased to wish a happy 25th wedding anniversary. This is a great occasion and completing 25 years is an indeed a great achievement.

It feels time just went by and you have reached this milestone in your marriage. We have always admired you as a couple and seen you grow together emotionally as well. Both of you are a fine example of a great marriage and we hope to be like you.

Once again, please accept our warmest congratulations on this occasion. May you enjoy many more years of togetherness. We are sending a small gift for both of you, please accept it.
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  • Sample letter to congratulate an employee on Anniversary -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter for anniversary

    We “Spill and Splash Games Village” proudly announce our 10th Anniversary Bang. We are completing our decade this 5th April’14, and have decided to celebrate this occasion with a big bang. We hereby announce approaching April as a “Bonanza Month”.

    We have organised a grand carnival for the month. A flat 50% concession on the entry tickets for all the age groups. Every ride has an additional trip offer on the charge for a single trip. Music and dance competitions for the kids and rain dance for the teenagers. Mega bonanza for the month. Every day is planned with a new surprise event. Surprise gift for every kid, below 12 years of age.

    Not just the range of events and games splash, a lot more that that is on the cards. A whole range of eatable stalls are set up, giving cuisine range from everywhere across the world. A hamper of mini meal from Mc Donald’s for every kid below 12 years of age. We have also extended the timings for the month. The Games Village will remain open from 10:00 A.M. to 10:00P.M. Family can have a dinner of grandeur.

    Get ready for a “Mood Buster April”. Guys and Girls, out of their Board exam fever, come up and enjoy this April to the fullest with your friends. Families can enjoy with their kids, and celebrate a grand get together on a royal style. Teenagers and college students can have a break and chill into the splash. Schools can plan an exciting excursion.

    We happily invite everyone to join our carnival mood and make this a grand feast for us.
  • Sample letter to congratulate an employee on Anniversary -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter for Anniversary

    Congratulations! This is a significant year for you as you celebrate an important service anniversary with ABC Company. This year marks the completion of 10 years of your service to Abc organizations.

    With all your hard work and dedication towards your work in the past 10 years, you have proved that you have all capabilities to handle many big projects. Of course we hired you because of your excellent academic record and your talent, but we never realized what a valuable employee you were until we had the opportunity to work with you. Over the past years you have continually impressed us with your decisive and efficient manner as you guided your department through many difficult times. We sincerely appreciate you for your efforts.

    As a token of our appreciation we have enclosed a gift voucher help you celebrate this wonderful occasion. Once again many congratulations and hope you will maintain this attitude and dedication throughout your future projects.