Sample letter to customer for informing price rise

Sample letter to customer for informing price rise

We would like to inform you that from 1st may 2014, our company, Lorex, will be increasing the prices of some our products by 11%. This price hike is something which is just unavoidable. Due to the influence of many factors, we had to take this decision to survive in the industry.

The increase in prices of various raw materials along with high transportation charges has compelled us to raise the prices. In an effort to not compromise on the quality and service of our products, we are taking this initiative. We tried to avoid this hike in price, but it seems inescapable to us. To retain our customers who truly believe in our quality and depend on our craftsmanship, we have taken this step and hope that you understand our situation.

We believe that you would not want the quality of products manufactured by Lorex to go down for any reason. We wish to continue to serve you with the top notch products. We hope to maintain many more years of business relations with you and are looking forward to your continued patronage. We would sincerely appreciate your agreement with us on this sensitive matter.
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  • Sample letter to customer for informing price rise -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to customer for informing price rise

    Please note that, we are facing difficulty in getting raw materials or our product as suppliers have increased the prices due to high demand and low supply. We are also outsourcing the material from the other location, which has increased our monetary expenses. And we are not able to meet our expenses from old cost of production. We tried all our ways not to increase the cost of production but it is due to economical fluctuations which occur from time to time and we are not responsible for it. We always have tried to make an effort to give products on low prices.

    But, Hence with lot of research and discussion, our management has decided to raise the price of the product by 10 percent. We are looking forward for your positive response in the time of crisis.