Sample letter to decline a press release

Sample letter to decline a press release

I’m Mugdha Patil and I’m writing in to you on behalf of D’Amico Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

This is regarding the interview of Mr. Daniel Lobo, Chairman during the Company Seminar on the 11th Feb,’14 that has a few discrepancies in the production figures of the current year and also in the previous year data, quoted during the interview.

The correct figures are being sent over to you in the form of an attachment. Please refer to the same before publishing the content in any of your upcoming issue. Also, you are requested to make sure that utmost care be taken in order to prevent such errors in the future. As you might understand, these are sensitive issues and might affect the repute of the organization in future.

It has always been great to be associated with your publication and hence we expect a little more carefulness while dealing with the matters related to the organization.

Please send us a copy of the edited content to be released, before you publish the same so that we can approve the same.

For any further information or details regarding the organization, feel free to write in to us at
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  • Sample letter to decline a press release

    I am XYZ, the creative Director of AB Co-op group. I am writing this letter to withhold the press release of the latest issue of our junior’s magazine “Mini-Tini Tales”. The issue is about to release on 16th Mar’14.

    I have proof-read the articles and found few amendments to be done. There were few grammatical mistakes in the articles, the answers to the game-quiz is incorrect at 2-3 places. The indexing need to be re-formatted as the margin-aspect ratio is doesn’t seem appropriate. I have enclosed a document indicating the amendments.

    We are also organizing a kids’ event on 10th Mar’14. We would like to give a gist of this event in the coming issue. The event will include kids’ competitions, games, music and dance for them. Participants below 10 years of age are permitted along with their family.

    Kindly send someone from your office to cover the event and add to the upcoming issue. I would also like to have another proof of the issue preferably after 10th Mar’14 with the amendments made and the article with the kids’ event covered.

    I regret for the inconvenience. I appreciate your understanding.

    Thanking you.