Sample letter to Delegate authority

Sample letter to Delegate authority

This is to notify you that, I Mr. Anil Deshmukh, Managing Director, Abc Corporation Ltd. delegate the authority herein described to Mr. Hemant Kumar, Chief Finance Officer (CFO).

The delegation would be effective from 21st March 2014. It shall run until I revoke it, the, or the end of the next fiscal year, whichever comes first.

The CFO will review and execute contracts on my behalf which do not and duration not to exceed Rs. 3 crore in an amount and 1 year in duration respectively. The authority delegated in this document shall not be sub-delegated without my prior and written consent.

This delegation has been done keeping in mind the shift in management due to the expansion of the company internationally. So, please co-operate with him and give him your full support during this time for any kind of work he may need your help for.
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  • Sample letter to delegate authority

    With regard to our conversation of March 19, we authorize you to represent my firm in our claim against the ABC Corporation for encroachment upon our property. We have complete faith in your firm to help us win fair compensation for their use of our land .

    We have enclosed copies of the original documents of our property, as well as all of our correspondence with ABC Corporation, all of which helps in strengthening our case. We agree to the pay your fees as per discussed in the meeting. Please send a confirmation letter signed and dated regarding the same and contact me by telephone.