Sample letter to Delegate responsibility

Sample letter to Delegate responsibility

This is to inform you about the additional responsibilities to will be in-charge of during my absence.

As you already know that, I will be away for the training seminar in Delhi during 27th March to 12th April, so need you to cover a few things for me during this time.

While I am away I need you to take over management of the Southern division. I am also delegating authority to you to adjust office work schedules while I am away, and will notify our part-time employees to get your approval for any changes they may need to make. you will also have to attend the planning and review meeting on my behalf and present a report on the southern division.

Otherwise, I don't anticipate any real problems, but I will call periodically throughout the time I am away to see how things are going. As much as I dislike being something of an imposition, the training seminars will be extremely important to us all.

You have acted so well on my behalf at other times, that you become the natural choice to handle the additional responsibilities. Thanks sincerely for your help while I am away, it is really appreciated.
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  • Sample letter to Delegate responsibility -Mayura Parab (03/23/14)
  • Sample letter to delegate responsibility

    I will be at Bangalore between March 25 to April 1 for the All India Seminar on Leadership. Hence I need you to take over a few of my assignments in my absence. Kindly process all delivery orders that might be made during that period. There is no need to process big orders unless for those that specifies urgent delivery. I'll be at the office on Wednesday at around 9 am before proceeding to the airport during which I will go over the process for urgent deliveries.

    I will also inform the call centre employees to ask approval from you for scheduling of the deliveries.

    Also, kindly check my email and voice-mail once in a while to see if there are any urgent messages for which I shall message the password.

    I shall be in touch with you on daily basis to check on things. I understand that you will be burdened with my responsibilities which I really did not want to, but I hope you understand the importance of this seminar to our company.

    Thank you very much for your help.