Sample letter to Error correction

Sample letter to Error correction

This is with reference to your complaint regarding credit card statement issued for incorrect amount of Rs 10,000/- instead of Rs 9,800 /-.

We have checked our accounts and would like to confirm that Rs 200/- were erroneously billed on your statement as late payment charges. However, the same have been reversed and a fresh credit card statement for Rs 9,800 /- is attached for your reference.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and assure you best of services always.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample letter to Error correction -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to error correction

    We at XYZ bank would like to inform you that your account with the following details was wrongly credited with an amount of Rs. XXXXX.

    Account name:

    Account number:

    Amount wrongly credited:

    Due to the sudden shut down of the online system, the data was entered manually by typists and that led to an error in account numbers. Your account was credited the amount of another person’s account and vice versa.

    The error has been rectified and you are informed that you must check your account and let us know within 7 days if you have any doubts regarding this error.

    We apologize for our mistake and thank you for your patience and cooperation.