Sample letter to Escalate your complaint to higher authorities

Sample letter to Escalate your complaint to higher authorities

My name is Tanya Bhatia. I have a broadband connection with id 0731444444_mp from more than 5 years with your company. This is regarding complaint number 5382656.

I have registered this complaint on 9th October where I have said that my broadband connection is not working. Data and link light are not showing. I was given the deadline of evening 8. I called after 8 pm and got registered my problem again wherein I was told that by next 2 working hours the technical team will sort out the matter. I received a call then from Bhopal on next day around 11 am and was said that my problem will get solved by 5pm. That commitment also failed.

Its three days now, and yet I didn’t received any solution from your customer care. Even the technical team is not bothered to give a call and inform about the same.

This is the second time in two years I have to write to nodal officer. I am sorry to say but the service quality of your company is deteriorating day by day. They have forgotten the meaning of commitment. Perhaps they don’t want their old clients to be sustained who are with them from years.

I request you to tell me whether my problem can be solved or not. In case of non event I will disconnect your connection and will make use of the other available alternatives with better commitment and services. If this is the service quality your company is offering, then why not look for other options in the market.

I hope that my problem gets solved at earliest, at least from your end.
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  • Sample letter for Escalating your complaint to higher authorities

    I wish to register a complaint with the Food Inspection and Safety Authority of France regarding the unhygienic and contaminated food at Hill View Restaurant in Paris. Hill View Restaurant is located at Rue De La Sorbonne in Paris’s Pantheon district. I am astounded that a restaurant listed as one of the top eateries in leading publications such as Eat Best Magazine and Culinary Treats has been so lax regarding hygiene. As a tourist in Paris, I was looking forward to sampling the delicious French food such as bouillabaisse and croissants at Hill View Restaurant. I was informed by the hotel staff that this is one of the best eateries in Paris. With high hopes and expectations, I set out to the restaurant. Imagine my horror, when I spotted rats in the lobby of the restaurant. I thought the situation would be better once I went into the dining area, but this was not to be. When I sat down at my table, I was appalled to see rats scurrying around the corners of the dining area.

    Thinking that the kitchen was probably cleaner, I ordered some lobster bisque and a croissant. The lobster bisque arrived first on the table. I saw a green film had formed over the bisque and I checked with the waiter regarding this. He assured me that it was just some herbs sprinkled on the bisque. Being unfamiliar with French cuisine, I thought his explanation was correct and I took a mouthful of the bisque. It was horrible. The lobster was pungent and rotten. Its smell was acidic and I was sure that I was going to end up in the hospital if I ate any more of the dish. I set it aside and proceeded to eat the croissant. I saw green and black spots on it. This was when I lodged a complaint with the management of the restaurant regarding the food. They assured me that I was overreacting and they refused to take any action. I had stored some of the croissant in a napkin and placed it within my pocket. I got the croissant chemically examined and it has poisonous fungus on it. I am attaching the toxic analysis report to this letter for your perusal. I request you to take immediate action against Hill View Restaurant for their unsafe and unhygienic food.