Sample letter to hotel management for poor services

Sample letter to hotel management for poor services

This is regarding my stay in your hotel during the Annual Board meeting of my company, XYZ Ltd., which is being organized and managed by your hotel since 7 yrs now.

Having said that, I'd like to bring to your notice that this time, my week long visit (dated on 13th Feb'14) to your hotel was quite disappointing and definitely not at par with the kind of expectations I've developed for a 5-star hotel. Hence, I found it inevitable to write in to you.

During the event, the projector and sound equipments were found faulted which disrupted the agenda. Morever, the room service for my room (i.e., Room no. 602) didn't bother to turn up for the daily chores and I was forced to use the same bedspread for 4 days and when they finally came post various calls, the behavior was utterly rude. The room wasn't dusted at all and the laundry boys never reached my room.

Such an inconvenience is disrespectful and demeaning for someone who has had a long association with you and I'd definitely think twice before holding any event with you in the future as I don't feel like a valued customer anymore.

But, I do hope there's no repitition of the same in future with me, or any of your guests for that matter and that you take the necessary action to ensure the same.
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  • RE: Sample letter to hotel management for poor services -Carmelia Johnson (09/13/16)
  • The motel 6 in Pittsburgh ca is very u professional and the manager is not kind at all.towel was always a problem. Loud noise and u have go warmur food in the staff microwave that they use.don't go there wit ur family. Or black people beware they treat us differen . Very tide not nice at all
  • RE: Sample letter to hotel management for poor services -Deepa Kaushik (03/11/14)
  • Sample letter to hotel management for poor services

    My name is ABC. I am writing this letter following my stay at your hotel, Hotel PQR, last week. This letter is in regard to the poor level of customer service with high customer dissatisfaction.

    I opted for your property after checking your website which portrays a completely different picture, as compared to reality. You claim to provide a lot many facilities which is not even available on your best rooms – the super deluxe ones.

    Right from the time of check-in, my experience had been the worst ever. I understand that the way to the resort from the main road cannot be your responsibility, but the way from the entrance at the main gate till the reception is much worse than the road outside. The car tyres get stuck into the wet soft mud that you have laid. I actually could not understand if that is for the beautification as per you people, or is that your lack of maintenance.

    There was nobody to welcome at the reception. It took 10 minutes for a room service boy to address us and another 15 minutes to call the receptionist. And to the height of irresponsibility, the receptionist is unaware of the booking details, and the service boy took the baggage to the room without even informing us for the same.

    The room service has never attended on any of our calls either for the tea, meals or cleaning up the rooms. The bathrooms and toilets were not cleaned before the check-in and I had to drag the person along with me after calling for the service some 10 times. Power-cuts another havoc. I didn’t even dream of facing electricity cut-off in such a 3 star claiming property. You have got electrical appliances which either wouldn’t work or there would be no electricity to operate. This is how you conserve electricity, I hope.

    If I talk of your hotel outside the room, the swimming pools have not been cleaned for the past 1 week, so filthy water breeding mosquitoes. The table tennis court does not have any equipment other than the tables. Other games are only there on the advertisement of your website.

    In short, you have totally shattered our vacation leaving us more tired than ever. I have written all these comments on the website. Your property and services are not even worthy to be checked-in for free.

    I will definitely take up these issues, and will make sure that your property does not even get a single star.