Sample letter to immigration officer for Work Permit

Sample letter to immigration officer for Work Permit

I am Raj Sharma, 22 years, MBA from Delhi University. I reside in West Delhi with my parents. My father is a retired army officer and my mother is a house maker. I wish to apply for work permit for the United States of America. My father gets his pension which is sufficient for running the house and to bear their expenses.

I wish to work in the United States to bear my expenses and to pursue my interests in American culture and life style. Any money which I shall earn from my employment in the United States shall be used for my further education, family’s recreational and cultural activities, related travel and their health.

Kindly grant me the work permit. Following documents have been attached as mentioned on your website:

• Cover Letter
• Police verification certificate
• Residence proof
• Photocopies of my qualifications
• Date of birth certificate
• Medical tests report

Kindly let me know in case I need to provide any other documents to complete my process.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample letter to immigration officer for work permit

    This application is meant to request for your help in getting a work permit in (county’s name). I would like to stay with my husband who is already staying in (name of the city) and would look forward to a great career opportunity in there.

    My husband has been staying in (city’s name) for the last 5 years and is employed at (company’s name). He holds the position of (post) and intends to continue with the job in years to come. I would also like to join him there and look for a suitable job that would boost my credentials and skills.

    I am currently working full time with a reputed company in India where I hold the esteemed position of (post). I have no issues with my current job and my accounts and my work records are all unambiguous with them. I have attached a copy of my credential certificate from the company I am currently working for.

    I have learnt that there are great opportunities for senior software engineers with a work experience as mine. I would like to avail of the opportunity and for that I shall require a work permit from you.

    I have attached the following documents and forms for the approval of my stay in (company’s name).






    If any further document is required please feel free to ask from me. I shall be grateful if you could arrange to get the work permit as soon as possible so that I could apply for a termination from my current job.