Sample letter to inform employer of harassment

Sample letter to inform employer of harassment

My name is Swati Sukumaran. I'm an employee with the Crescent Group working as the Public Relations Officer since July'11.

I'm compelled to write in to you on this day so as to let you know about the misuse of rights and power by one of the senior officials in your organization.

The person referred to above is none other than Mr. J.K. Reddy, Head of Advertising and Promotions. As you already might be knowing that he happens to be my reporting authority, given our very profiles.

I'd like to state that it is almost a month now that I've been tolerating his undue advancement towards myself during the working hours by the means of calling me unnecessarily to his cabin every now and then, which others have been in the know as well. Moreover, my work is also being delayed or hindered due to one or the other lame excuse given by him. What broke the limits was when he tried to harass me physically last evening when I had to stay back till late due to some urgent work. He stepped into my cabin and took advantage of the almost empty office and also had the audacity to be upfront enough to say that he's been waiting for this moment since long.

The office boy and the watchman on duty last night are eye-witnesses to his undue behavior.

Therefore, I expect you to look into the matter and sort it out within the organization, keeping in mind the company's repute. In case, you fail to take a step in this regard, I'll be forced to take the issue beyond the walls of this organization, which I'd never wish to, given my 4 year long association with the company.

I'm duly prepared for any procedure as per the company regulations and expect a fast grievance handling and solution on your end.
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  • Sample letter to inform Employer of harassment

    I, ABC, junior analyst, reporting under Mr. XYZ, hereby want to inform you of a serious issue that calls for an urgent resolution. I facing harassment for the past couple of months by my immediate reporting boss. The matter got to extreme when he tried to get physical with me yesterday evening.

    He started with discriminating me, as I belong from east-India. His teasing behaviour has led to many conflicts. He has made me extend my shifts almost every day, just for the reason that I oppose and don’t withstand undue charges. I speak out directly to him when he comments on my race. But this has never stopped despite my continuous confrontations.

    He has always tried to subdue my excellence, avoiding reflecting my productivity to the management. He makes me work more than the team members, extending my shifts, giving me week-offs on weekdays and never on weekends. He has never given me leaves unless I produce a medical certificate. I was given leave on pay-off with all my casual and personal leaves left, when I had to urge home to attend my father’s health. I took pain to inform him and applying leaves on the system before leaving; but of no use. He has tried his best not to promote me. He also has done his best to stop my transfer to other department when I tried for the same, some couple of times.

    The matter came to its worst when he called me to his cabin asking for a daily task report, where he tried to get physical with me. I got hold of his alarm to buzz and break out of the cabin with my utmost effort. He was fully drunk within office hours. All my team members and also the members of Mr MNO’s team are eye-witness for the incidence.

    I can still confidently tell you that he will totally reject the charges and call his dear agents P, Q and R in his support, who are his lame followers. You can ask anyone else regarding his attitude towards me. I also have got the back-up of my daily work and the projects assigned to me. You can have a look yourself of the work done by me for these months.

    I hope you will take a speedy action regarding this highly objectionable and unacceptable issue. Awaiting your response.