Sample letter to inform employer of maternity leave

Sample letter to inform employer of maternity leave

My name is Shruti Salve and I'm working as the Marketing Team Leader (Emp. No.: 4112635) for the Credit Card Division at SBFC Bank Pvt. Ltd.

I'm writing in to inform you that I've been diagnosed with pregnancy by 2.5 months by my gynecologist last evening.

Since my work involves a lot of travel in and around the city, I hereby request you to temporarily delegate my daily travel functions to someone fit for the role, at this point in time.
Moreover, I'm instructed to go on a maternity leave maximum by the end of 3rd month of pregnancy, which happens to fall on 23rd March'14.
Also I’d like to know about the company policies regarding the employee compensation during the maternity leave period and also the maximum possible leave that can be granted in this circumstance.

I hope my request for the leave would be understood and granted at the earliest. I'd keep the company abreast of any relevant update in the days ahead.
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  • Sample letter to inform Employer of maternity leave

    My name is ABC, team coach of Mr XYZ’s team. I am on my family way now, and my expected delivery date is 15th Apr’14. I am writing this letter to apply for my maternity leaves starting from 1st Apr’14. The maternity leaves are for a period of 84 days, and I intend to take the leaves starting a bit earlier to the delivery date.

    I have been working on a project right now which will end on 28th Mar’14. This is one of the reasons I am taking leaves after this date. I am well aware of my duties and would complete the given work to your utmost satisfaction before leaving. I understand I might not be assigned the next project for the remaining 2-3 days. I would like to assist my team in the remaining time before the start of leaves.

    Furthermore, I am interested in availing the medical claim benefits through our TPA policy. I want to know the details on how to get the claim processed. Also, I have not been given any identity card with the TPA number yet. I have already applied twice for the same, without any result. Now it’s the need of hour, and I am really interested in sorting this out at the earliest.

    I have got the hospital bill plan and have a rough idea of the cost for the same. As far as their procedure is concerned, they will forward the bill to the Insurance Company, who needs to forward the claim. But this can be possible only with my TPA identity card proof being submitted to them. Kindly resolve my concern soon.

    I also want to get my Food card blocked temporarily for the leave period, to avoid any undue misuse. As Rs.500/- gets deducted every month for the food card, I would thereby save the amount as well. I hope the access card will remain functional in my long absence. As the card will be with me, there can’t be any point of misuse of the same.

    To precise my letter, I will be on maternity leaves from 1st Apr’14 to 23rd Jun’14 which I have already applied on the system for approval; for which I want the TPA identity card and the procedure for the claim. Also I would want my food card blocked temporarily. I will inform you to revise the leave dates, if my health demands any immediate attention prior to this date and goes beyond my control.

    Thanking you.