Sample letter to inform end of contract

Sample letter to inform end of contract

This is in reference to our meeting on 9th Feb,’14 that was held in order to discuss the end of the fixed term contract that you hold since 11th May,’12. During this meeting you were informed that your contract would expire because since no further funding would be available for the post you’re currently holding and that, unless it was possible to find you alternative work within the organization, your employment would terminate because of redundancy on 5th March,’14.

During the meeting, you were invited to suggest ways in which your employment might be continued, and we considered any possible options for future employment in the department. Since our meeting, me and the HR Department, have continued to consider possible re-deployment options for you both within your current department and the rest of the organization.

I hope that it will be possible to find you a suitable alternative post in the University, however, I have to inform you that, if no suitable alternative employment can be found, your employment will terminated on 5th March,’14 in line with the expiry of your fixed term contract. The reason that your post will be redundant on that date is because of unmet targets throughout a period of 11months.
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  • Sample letter to inform End of contract

    We are sorry to inform you that we no longer require your services. Your contract was for a period of 6 months. The contract started on 15th Sep’13 and will end on 14th Mar’14. 14th Mar’14 will be your last working day.

    We hired for this position on contractual basis just for the on-going project. This decision is in no regard with your incompetency or your working aptitude. We are very much satisfied with the output and the way you have put in your best efforts to give this product.

    We honestly appreciate your admiration towards work, and very happy with the success of the project. We extend our sincere thanks to you and all those who have worked day and night to make this project a great success. We are glad to get parted on a good note.

    You will get your full and final settlement within a week from your contract end date that is latest by 21st Mar’14. You can contact our HR team, who will help you with all the formalities. The project will be discussed with the clients before 7th Mar’14, and all the members who have worked in this project will be participants of this group discussion. You all being well verse with the minor intricacies of this work, all of you will be given chance to reveal your point of you to give this project the best shape. We look forward to your whole-hearted participation.

    We will definitely contact you for any suitable profile for you in future. We have your contact details saved with us. Do intimate us with any change in your contact details.

    We take this opportunity to thank you once again for the great work, and regret for losing such a sincere and hard-working employee. Wish you all the very best for your career.