Sample letter to inform tenants of new ownership

Sample letter to inform tenants of new ownership

This is to inform all the tenants of Bosco Villa, 16th Road, Khar, Mumbai-50, that the ownership of the property is now handed over to Mr. Mark D'mello, son-in-law of Mrs. Prisilla D'silva, the earlier owner of the property vide Registration no. ABC0123 as per the Transfer of Property Act, 19XX.

All communication regarding rent, tenancy, rules and regulation should be directed to the new owner as mentioned above. The same applies to any pending dispute etc between the two parties.

Please make a note of the same for further perusal.
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  • Sample letter to inform Tenants of new ownership

    I hereby want to inform you that this flat (117-B, Pocket D, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi-110091) has been sold to Mr. Natwarlal Khurana on 25th Feb’14.

    You have been residing in this flat for the past 3 years, and currently within the rental lease period. The lease started on 13th Dec’13 for a period of 11 months and will expire on 12th Nov’14. I have discussed the same with the new owner prior to the sale, and he is absolutely fine to carry on with your tenancy till the completion of the lease term. You will need to discuss with him for any further continuation of your tenancy.

    As the property is already sold, you will need to make the further rent payments to Mr. Natwarlal; starting from the rent for March’14. His contact number is xxxxxxxxxx and hid residence address – 12/15, AGCR Enclave, Delhi. Kindly give him a call to know his preference for the mode of payment.

    Our relationship had been always friendly. I appreciate your punctuality on your payment every month and the way you have maintained the house all through. I could honestly say that you have cared the house and maintained that as your own.

    This sale was due to an urgent need for money to settle the hospital bills following my father’s heart attack and angioplasty surgery. Since I was in a great money crunch and the turmoil going on in my life due to my father’s hospitalization; I could not contact you to inform for the same beforehand. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. I have given a very good feedback of yours to the new owner and he is convinced with my efforts to keep your high esteem. I hope you will remain on his good books as well and enjoy the tenancy period under him.

    I have moved to a single bedroom flat in Kalyanvas (12, Black-D, Kalyanvas, Delhi), which I managed to purchase after settling the hospital and related bills. I am currently in Pune with my parents and will be back after a month’s time; as I am intending to bring my parents along with me. Though not a tenant-landlord relationship, but do keep in touch. Our friendly relationship will always continue.

    Thank you for everything, and forgive me for anything that have hurt you anytime.