Sample letter to invite individuals to volunteer services

Sample letter to invite individuals to volunteer services

Skyfilm business school have decided upon the date of organizing our Information technology grand event on 23rd, April, 2014 where students from all different management as well as technology institutes will be participating. The planning and layout for this event have already started. The printing of invitation pamphlets have already been given. As stated on the notice board, we are looking for individuals who are ready to volunteer for the services involved in making this event a success.

These volunteers will be responsible for end to end working involved in the event. From finding sponsors to visiting colleges and helping college staff in taking care of all the arrangements will all be done through our volunteers. Anyone who is part of our college can become the volunteer. As these volunteers will be involved in the day to day activity of working on this event, they will not be able to participate in the actual event along with other students from different colleges. From today onwards we will be starting with the backdrop painting with few leaders. Invitations are open for all of the individuals who are ready to help them in getting the same painted in time. Boys participating will be allowed to stay back till 12 midnight but Girls participants can stay back only till 10pm per day.

Please send us the list of interested candidates so that we can start the painting activities as soon as possible.
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  • Sample letter to invite individuals to volunteer services -Renita Rodrigues (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to invite individuals to volunteer services

    Summer is going to start very soon and so is Vacation Bible Joy which to be conducted in April and May. As you might be aware, we have a set of activities we conduct for children to make their summers more meaningful and enriching and bring them closer to God.

    We believe you volunteered last summer and had done a commendable job. Therefore, inviting you this summer too and asking if you could be part of Vacation Bible Joy and provide your invaluable services.

    You could email us at xxxxxxx or reach us at xxxxxxx confirming your presence. Also feel free to drop in at our office to check out the various activities and tasks we have planned for children this year and for a detailed discussion on which area you would be interested to volunteer.

    We and the kids look forward to seeing you again this summer.