Sample letter to open a shop

Sample letter to open a shop

I am writing this letter with a proposal of opening a Kids Utility Store, along with our tailoring and garments section within the same premises.

As partners in this business, we share equal responsibilities and have the duty to understand each other’s interest towards the expansion of our business. I have not seen any Kids Utility Zone in our surrounding area, and can foresee the profit with a wide margin in this sector.

We also need not search for any commercial space as our already running shop has a vacant section dumped with waste articles. This space can yield a good monetary output for us.

Kindly give a thought to it. Take your time to search and analyse the details and convey your ideas for any betterment. We can also have a meeting to discuss the pros and cons for the same.

Awaiting your reply.
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  • Sample letter to open a shop -Renita Rodrigues (03/23/14)
  • Sample letter to open a shop

    I have a good business proposition in mind. I have researched the area of xxxxxxxx and found that there isn’t any good grocery store out there. People have to travel far in order to purchase their groceries.

    I believe there are quite a few vacant retail shops in the area, one of which we could take on rent and start up a nice grocery store. Groceries are basic essentials and the people of the locality would be actually grateful for one. I see this as a good business venture and monetarily rewarding as well.

    I would like you to be my business partner and assist me in setting up this business. So please get in touch with me at the earliest in order to arrange a meeting and discuss my proposal in detail. Feel free to convey your ideas and opinions about it.

    Kindly give it a thought and take your time to research on it. Look forward to hear from you on this matter.