Sample letter to praise Employee of the month

Sample letter to praise Employee of the month

Congratulations! You have been selected as the ‘Month of the Employee’ for the month of February ‘2014.

We appreciate the effort and the time you have put into your job in the past one year. We have noticed that since the time you have joined as an Executive Accounts, you have displayed great enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally. You have been working hard and also worked overtime to gain the maximum benefit from your work. We might not show our appreciation frequently as the work keeps us busy all the time, but we never fail to notice the hard work of our employees in the long run.

To show our appreciation for your work and conduct, we bestow upon you the Certificate of the ‘The Employee of the Month’.

This is a gesture from our part to reward the efforts of our employees with appreciation certificates. The ‘Employee of the Month’ certificate is a constant reminder of your achievements from our side.

Kindly, collect your certificate from the HR department. Once again, we congratulate you on your achievement.
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  • This is Employee of the month not month of the employee.
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  • you can try out more on
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  • thanks great
  • Sample letter to praise Employee of the month -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter for employee of the month

    We are a medium sized Engineering Firm, K.G.K. Compressors Ltd., enjoying a more than reasonable reputation and market share. Our Gross Annual Turnover is around 800 crores and we operate in 3 shifts, involving in all 9 work processes, employ around 1100 people as overall workforce including Corporate Head Office.

    In accordance with the accepted standard business norms, we also firmly believe in the scientifically accepted labour motivation procedures, including production incentives on monthly basis.

    This notwithstanding, we periodically every month preferably pick our outstanding performer of the month. The employees are evaluated scientifically by allocating points for their weekly performances and at the end of the month, we formally declare the best performer of the month. The best performer is suitably rewarded with additional monetary incentives besides bonus points to be considered for future promotions and appraisals.

    The very concept is highly encouraging especially for those organisations which are medium sized or bigger in size involving multiples of workforce working in various shifts. Even moderate to very ordinary employees also get duly motivated on recognition being showered on their fellow employees being adjudged as the best employee by the management. It ultimately paves the way for cementing amicable labour relations and it could also help the management in curbing the higher labour turnover ratio which normally affects two out of third industrial enterprises.

    From the above, it is abundantly clear that irrespective of the size of the enterprise and complexity of the labour force involved such motivational schemes like employee of the month, employee of the year, employee of the plant, employee location-wise, etc. definitely helps.
  • Sample letter to praise Employee of the month -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter for Employee of the month

    Congratulations! You have been awarded as the employee of the month for the month of February, 2014. The award consists of a memento and the cash amount along with a certificate which is a token of appreciation of your exemplary work.

    We want to appreciate you regarding your excellent performance. We wanted you to know that because of your hard work, the company has increased in size and profitability. Your enthusiasm and interest to work in the company, in spite of difficulties, have made a huge impact to our success. We have all noticed the enthusiasm and extra hours each of you put in this last month. The way you have performed throughout last month shows your hard work, your sincerity, perseverance and diligence. We have taken a note of and appreciate your high level proficiency in handling the tasks assigned to you, your craving for perfection, your communication skills and your humble behavior with all the staff members.

    We expect you to keep the same spirit and extend best wishes for further achievements. We hope we find many such opportunities to congratulate you in the future. We hope you will be inspiring us with your innovative thinking for years to come.