Sample letter to propose a Project, product or service

Sample letter to propose a Project, product or service

As a manufacturing company you know to grow and earn profit year by year you need to increase your customer base day by day.

Fluctuating market situation and fierce competition has made it difficult to survive and establish a company in the market.

Objective: GXY Ltd wishes to propose our services which will help you establish your brand and increase your customer base. Today’s customers are buying from supermarket and online stores. If you are not supplying to these places then your visibility is compromised. Every customer may not buy from supermarket but if she recognizes your brand sold in a supermarket then she will be willing to pick your products from local shops as well. It is all about building your product brand and marketing it well.

Scope of our solutions: We help manufacturing companies establish their brand thus offer complete solution.

-Our services start from renovating your product by offering logo, packaging design services.
-We offer barcode design services as well so that you can sell your product in supermarkets.
-We design online marketing campaign and website design.
-We also provide marketing consultancy as how to approach the new market to sell your products.

Benefit: We have helped several small, medium and large companies to reinvent themselves and be profitable. You will be benefited tremendously in terms of brand recognition, customer base and eventually building consistent profit.

We greatly appreciate your interest in reading this letter. Please visit our website to know our services in details.

If you wish to pursue this proposal please call us or email us, our contact details are given below.
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