Sample letter to renovate the shop

Sample letter to renovate the shop

I am writing to you in regard to the requirement of renovation of the shop. The shop was designed 7 years back when I took this space on rent.

The furnishings here have undergone much wear and tear, especially following seepage due to heavy rains during last season. The cementing on the walls are breaking down exposing the bricks at various places. The termites have set in to the furnishings, despite my continued efforts for their protection by the usage of anti-termite agents from time to time. Even the marble pieces are rooting up from the floor giving a tethered appearance. The shop as a whole is giving a shabby appearance and seems to be beyond repair, which demands the renovation work on urgent basis.

I have never contacted you for any concern so far; this being the very first time, I am discussing any such issue with yourself. It is just out of my concern and the seriousness of the matter.

I hope you can understand the extent of the problem. You can personally visit the shop anytime to have a look of the place. I will be grateful to you, if you can get the renovation work done at the earliest.
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  • Sample letter to renovate the shop -Renita Rodrigues (03/23/14)
  • Sample letter to renovate a shop

    I am writing with regards to the urgent need for renovation of the shop. I had taken the space on rent almost eight years back and until now any renovation work has never been conducted. However, it’s high time now since the shop’s condition has deteriorated to a large extent over the years and it is very difficult to operate in such conditions.

    Walls are in a terrible state due to the seepage that has occurred during rainy seasons. Furniture has become old and irreparable. They are on the verge of a breakdown and soon would be non functional. Flooring isn’t great either with some tiles rooted up and cracks at a lot of places.

    I am certain reading this, you might have realised how much the shop is in need of a renovation. You can drop in anytime at the shop to check the situation yourself.

    Hope that you will look into the matter soon. I will be highly grateful to you if you can start the renovation work at the earliest.