Sample letter to reply positively to a suggestion

Sample letter to reply positively to a suggestion

Thanks for writing to us suggesting inclusion of social service as an additional aspect of our organization. Management is glad to receive such a suggestion involving noble cause, and want to take a step ahead in this direction.

We have recognised a few orphanages and old age homes in the surrounding areas. Management has decided to donate 1% of the annual profit towards social cause.

We also look forward to generous donations from employees’ side. We will be placing donation boxes at various places. All sorts of usable articles (e.g. food grains, old clothes, used books and toys, old appliances etc.) are welcomed. There would not be any compulsion; employees can donate as per their wish.

We will be opening a bank account just for this purpose. We will share the account number soon. Anyone interested in extending monetary help, can add their offerings to this account.

Please feel free to come up with any better suggestions anytime.
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