Sample letter to Request government service or action

Sample letter to Request government service or action

This is to bring to your kind attention that in the last three years, the numbers of homeless children and adults has considerably increased in the Janak Puri area of West Delhi. You will often see them sleeping in the community parks or the footpaths.

They have no access to toilet facilities and thereby the loitering of the entire block is increasing. Many severe cases of cholera, typhoid, jaundice and other water borne diseases have been reported in Janak Puri recently.

On behalf of 200 neighbourhood residents who have signed it, I present this petition to you requesting you to kindly help them in finding a job and a shelter. Also, it is humbly requested to install temporary toilets so that the hygiene of the area can be taken care of.

We are sure that you will see urgency in this request and will implement best possible measures.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample letter to Request government service or action -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to Request government service or action

    This letter is a request for action on behalf of all the families residing on XYZ colony on ABC road. People of the SSSS community are causing huge disturbance in our area with their cultural festival.

    They have put up a community fair on the football ground in our area. The ground is a government property and is a children’s playground for the time being. The community festival continues till late in the night and their music system and loud speakers are always on full volume.

    People of our area have approached them for the disturbance we are facing but they completely ignored us. We understand that they have an approval from the government bodies for the festival but I am quite sure that music at such an alarming level is not permitted by the government.

    It is exam time for children, especially since board exams are about to begin. Loud music from 6 pm in the evening that continues till 1 am is extremely frustrating to the children of the families residing in this area. Furthermore, this kind of loud volume irritates everyone in the neighborhood.

    We have nothing against the people or the community that is upholding the festival. We utterly respect the sentiments of all religion and community but we cannot compromise on the studies of our children and this kind of disturbing element cannot be tolerated any longer.

    Since the community people completely ignored our request, we appeal to the government that they take actions against the unethical behavior of these people. We shall be grateful if you take necessary actions as soon as possible understanding that we are in extreme need of your cooperation.