Sample letter to reserve a meeting room

Sample letter to reserve a meeting room

As you all are ware that we are about to have our quarter end which is supposed to be the end of this financial year as well, Mr. Jerome Havlick our country head will be visiting our India office all the way from US tomorrow. As it be very good chance of introducing all our office employees to Jerome we are planning to keep an important session wherein Mr. Havlick will be addressing on this year‘s organizational achievements and next year projections. We will be discussing on the growth prospective as well as India’s stand in comparison to all the regional offices. For this I would like all the employees from our other offices also to be presented on the day of his presentation.

As per my knowledge Enhance meeting room will the best one to accommodate all the employees so Ms. Singh, I would request you to please book this meeting room for the meeting scheduled with Mr. Havlick. The conference will start at sharp 11am till 1pm and then 3pm to 5pm each day. Please intimate every one and make sure that no other client or internal meeting should be booked for next three days. Please see to it that all the required arrangements like stationary, seating arrangements, projector etc. should be done on time. Do check with the admin team to take care of all the procurement of necessary things.

Kindly do the above arrangements of booking the room and report back by 4pm today evening.
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  • Sample letter to reserve a meeting room -Renita Rodrigues (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to reserve a meeting room

    My organization is conducting a one day training course for its staff and would like to rent your meeting room for the purpose. The course will be held on 25th March, from 10 am to 5 pm. The staff in attendance would be no more than 50.

    We also request you for the use of its facilities that includes furniture, projector and the sound system. We have booked a caterer to handle the refreshments and lunch. Rest assured that the room will be maintained in good condition during the activity.

    Kindly provide us with the terms and conditions about renting your meeting room, so that the activity could proceed smoothly. Hope the venue to be available on the required date.

    You can reach me via Email: xxxxxxx or via Phone: xxxxxxx.

    Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you soon.