Sample letter to respond to a compliment letter

Sample letter to respond to a compliment letter

It feels satisfactory and good when you are able to convey the message to a large part of society. Accept my heartfelt thanks to let me know that I am able to spread words of wisdom to the society.

It was my career dream to start an organization where I can impart education to the girls. Today I am able to do so and all the credit goes to the people like you who have always supported me in the same cause. Thanks for staying with me. I am happy to know that my efforts are recognized and appreciated by you and your friends. The society has the people who work hard to make dreams come true. It is not me alone who has achieved success, but it is you, me and all the people associated with this organization who have achieved success.

I hope to get the continuous love, support and association from you people in all the coming years.
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  • Sample letter for responding to a compliment letter

    I would like to thank you for your kind words of appreciation regarding my presentation at your company’s New York office on how to improve sales and marketing at New America Book Publishing Limited. As a consultant hired to ensure the attainment of sales targets by your book publishing company, I focused on making the presentation comprehensive so that your executives could learn all about new techniques for marketing your books. I was pleased to receive your letter appreciating my presentation and the suggestions I made to the management regarding marketing and publicity. As the CEO of the New America Book Publishing Limited, you have the vision and skills to take this company to new heights. I will cherish the letter as a sign of my professional success and achievement. I am also happy to know that you would now like me to also make a presentation to your sales and marketing team at your London office as well.

    I am keen to familiarize them with new techniques such as social media campaigns for ensuring that the book reaches its intended audience. Whether the book caters to niche readers or it is intended for the mainstream, good publicity and marketing are imperative for making the book a huge success. J. K. Rowling would never have become a bestseller were it not for the clever media and marketing strategies used by her publishing company. Some of the bestselling authors in the world owe their success to strategic marketing campaigns for mobilizing public opinion and attracting readers. I am glad to know that you appreciated my presentation regarding the key role played by the media and publicity campaigns in boosting the sales of the book as well as the profits of the publishing house.