Sample letter to respond to a sales rejection

Sample letter to respond to a sales rejection

Thanks for being courteous enough to respond with your intent, showing disinterest towards our Microwave brand and providing the reason for the same.

I understand the value of money and your inclination towards cheaper models, saving money being the basic criteria of life. Just to clarify that our brand of Microwave provides wide range of options, including grilling, convection and defrosting; rather than just a microwave function. This model serves as an oven as well. Thinking wisely, you will end up saving money buying a single appliance instead of multiple ones and making good utilization of your kitchen space.

Our brand ranks second in the Indian market, with the least complaints received, and best customer satisfaction index. You would never require to contact us reporting any fault with our Microwave installed. We also run a 24 hours call centre for customer service.

I just emphasized the pros and cons. However, I honour your decision and take your feedback seriously.

Thanks for contacting us. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime. It will be great pleasure assisting you.
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  • Sample letter to respond to a sales rejection -Renita Rodrigues (03/23/14)
  • Sample letter to respond to a sales rejection

    I would like to acknowledge the receipt of your letter expressing disinterest towards our Laptop brand and offering the reason as well for the same. Thank you for being courteous enough to

    write us.

    I understand that you were expecting a better hard disk and RAM capacity and some other features. I would like to let you know that we also have laptops with the capacities and features you

    expected, and at very attractive rates. In fact we have slashed the price on our range of laptops and we our offering laptops, with better features and at much lower rates than our


    Our brand as you might be aware is a well known one and ranks second in the Indian Market. We boast of excellent customer service with numerous service centres and a 24/7 call centre. We also

    have received the least complaints and whenever we did, have seen to it that it has been addressed at the earliest. So to summarise you can expect an excellent laptop to serve your needs.

    Hence we would really like you to avail of our offer, save money and get the best product.

    Thanks again for getting in touch with us.

    Look forward to hear from you. It will be our pleasure to help you.