Sample letter to school asking about child's performance

Sample letter to school asking about child's performance

My daughter, ABC, student of class VI 'A' of your esteemed institution. As a concerned parent, I do keep a track of her routine homework and assignments, and make sure that she completes her tasks on time.

I have observed a downward surge of her grades for the past 1 month; despite completing her assignments correctly on time by her own. She has a good grasping aptitude of the subjects and recalls all the studied material correctly.

I am really worried regarding her performance at school tests and eager to know the reason for the downfall. I would also like to meet her class teacher personally for any betterment of her performance.

Kindly inform me the suitable timing for the meeting, and let me know for any change in the study pattern to be followed from my side for my child's improvement.

Awaiting your reply.

Thanking you.
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  • Sample letter to school asking about child's performance -Renita Rodrigues (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter to school for asking about child's performance

    My daughter, ABC, is a student of STD IX ‘A’ of your school. Throughout her school years she has been a bright student, good at academics and equally good in extracurricular. She has been actively involved in sports and we have always encouraged her sporting endeavours provided she does justice to her studies as well.

    She does her studies independently, however as a concerned parent I always keep a watch on her study schedule and performance in exams. I believe she submits all her assignments on time and studies regularly.

    However, I noticed that her grades have fallen this year. I am worried that her extracurricular activities are taking up a lot of her time and probably are the reason for falling grades.

    I don’t want her to take any risk where studies are concerned since this being an important year and a foundation for SSC. I would like to request you to kindly arrange for a meeting to discuss on this issue and the changes to be done to improve her performance in exams.

    Thanking you in anticipation.