Sample letter to seeking a correction in billing error

Sample letter to seeking a correction in billing error

I would like to bring to your notice the error in my current month’s maintenance bill. The amount to be paid is 4000 each month; however I was alarmed on seeing that this month’s bill is of double the amount. On further investigation I realised that last month’s bill amount has also been included to be paid this month.

According to my records, I have cleared my bill every month and never defaulted. There has surely been a mistake. Therefore, I request you to kindly recheck and update your records and issue me a fresh bill. As proof I am attaching herewith last month’s bill payment receipt.

I hope to receive the correct bill soon and settle our obligations for this month as soon as possible.
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  • Sample letter to seeking a correction in billing error -Smita Julka (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter seeking a correction in billing error

    This is to inform that we have recently owned the flat 34-A, henry Park society, Epson Road, New Delhi in the month of January. Entire electricity bill for the previous months were already paid off. As there were amendments and changes that need to be done in our name last month we have been working on the same. Being the new owner of the flat we had to legally transfer the rights to get the bill in new house owner’s name. I have attached all the required proofs and documents that were needed to process the new upcoming electricity bill in our credentials. After all the activities and procedures we also the confirmation from electricity office stating that the changes are done and all the further billing will be done on the given credentials.

    In February we received the bill on time and all the details were correctly mentioned as stated in the supported documents. But at the same time the bill was including the amount due for the month of December last year also, though the same was being paid off by the former owner of the flat. As per the discussion held with one of your officers I am again attaching the proof of residence along with other documents so that you can rectify the errors as soon as possible.

    Please let me know if you need any further information in order to get the rectification done in this month electricity bill.