Sample letter to thank someone for their contribution

Sample letter to thank someone for their contribution

We at Abc Old age homes thank you s for your generous donation. Your commitment to helping the senior citizens in our community is sincerely appreciated.

With the help of people like you Abc Old age homes has been able to provide the better living conditions and medical care to elderly homeless people in our society.

Your contribution has strengthened our will of helping them. I request you to come and visit our center to see our working and to give your suggestions so that we will improve our methodologies if needed. Our center head Mrs. Verma will be delighted to take you for the tour and answer all your queries.

We are grateful for all you have done, and pledge our best efforts in continuing this service. Please accept our warmest heartfelt thanks.
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  • Sample letter to thank someone for their contribution

    We are than thankful to you for your generous donation of (amount) towards the charitable trust for underprivileged children of slums. We raised a good amount for this cause and were successful in providing help to over 500 children this year.

    We are grateful for your consideration over our efforts to providing a better life to these children who would otherwise remain lowly all their life abstaining from the basic necessities of a developing child. Thank you for joining our cause to support us in making available good food, education and medical facilities for these children.

    Your donated amount has been invested into getting a better classroom for these children where learning has been made understandable, easier and enjoyable. We have purchased computer for the growing children to make them understand that the environment they are residing in is not the limits and that they can dream big of going out and achieving a better life. We are happy to see a good response from the kids towards education and schooling. The attachment has pictures and details of the change your donated amount has brought in the lives of these poor children who happen to be a big proportion of our Indian population.

    We would appreciate if you pay a visit to these children who are encouraged when generous people like you meet them personally. If you are interested in our visiting program, please let us know as we would like all the other contributors to join you on the same day.

    We are making all strategies to keep our development programs growing and making it easier for bighearted people like you to reach us. Please spread the word amongst your acquaintances and keep up the good work you do for the deprived half of our country.

    Your contribution towards the development of our country shall never go waste and a difference shall be visible if people as you remain aware towards the good cause of humanity. We thank you once again for trusting in us to bring the change for good.