Sample letter: Welcome letter to new employee

Sample letter: Welcome letter to new employee

As a new employee of Malcolm Electricals Private Limited, you are welcome to our company. On behalf of the staff and upper management at Malcolm Electricals, we would like to extend a cordial welcome to you and assure you of our continued support for all your work duties. We are glad to have you on our staff and we want to invite you to an orientation for the company policies on Monday. You will be commencing work from 7 am on Tuesday, January 8, 2014. Please report directly to the HR department as soon as you arrive. We will also be providing you with a secure password and login id to the company server so that you can access work projects and email clients. We would request you to please keep the details confidential to prevent unauthorized access of the server.

We would also like you to attend a Skype conference today on company policies and procedures for all new recruits. Please confirm that you will be able to attend this conference by email. At Malcolm Electricals Private Limited, we value employees who are punctual and committed to their work. We are reasonable about granting leave but we require advance notification for granting the same. We are sure that you will enjoy working with us. Do contact Shelly at the HR department for the documents you will need for accessing you login information once you start work.
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  • Sample welcome letter to new employee

    On behalf of all the members of ABC International I welcome you to be a part of our organization. We are pleased to have you in our team as our new relationship Manager.

    You’re joining a great team of coworkers. We here work as a team to accomplish goals and objectives, which concludes in getting work done in a timely manner and possibly before the expected time. We have heard a lot about your level of team work, professionalism and achievements. We appreciate your past work records and expect that your years of experience and skills will help the organization to reach a new level.

    You can have an open communication about the work culture with the old employees. It will help you to get an insight about the company, its objectives and its people. Please know that we are there for you for any kind of help that you may need at your new place of employment. Ms. Ananya will help you to get acquainted with the entire working process. We all wish you good luck and success in your career.