Sample of Circular for Holiday

Sample of Circular for Holiday

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well the company also understands this concept and feels pleased to announce every 3rd Saturday of month as a holiday.

We are a team who work together to reach a common goal and have never cared to find an invalid reason to stay away from our work and duties. The constant hard endeavors and the dedication have made it possible for our company to scale new heights. In the last two years we have tripled our profits and have hugely reduced the operational expenses. The starting days were always tough and so the company never announced any special holiday. But with the progress in work the management has decided to make every 3rd Saturday of the month as a non-working day. From now onwards you can just sit back and relax at every 3rd Saturday of the month. We expect everyone to come back rejuvenated after a relaxed break.
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  • Sample of Circular for Holiday

    This is to announce that Friday, 5th May, 2014 will be a holiday on account of the incoming snow storm. Company offices will therefore remain closed on that day. We will be closing office early the day before so that employees can reach their homes on time and avoid the traffic rush. To make up for the lost time, we will be working this Saturday i.e. 6th May, 2014. We are announcing this holiday in advance so that employees can make their plans for the day. We are also closing the manufacturing plant due to the snow storm as well. Supervisors and foremen are requested to report to the plant on Saturday as well. We will be holding a meeting today at 3:00 pm to discuss the work from home plans that some of our employees want to follow for Friday, 5th May.

    We are going to hold a poll to decide whether Friday will remain a non-working day in entirety or some employees will still be emailed work projects at their home. Our management and consultants will be available via phone or fax for any work emergency that may occur on Friday. We are not expecting any urgent calls from clients on this day as it is the last working day of the week. However, we will be making arrangements so that clients who call on this day can get redirected to the concerned project manager in case there are any queries or issues with the software.