Sample of Circular for Leave

Sample of Circular for Leave

The management is taking a note of the employees’ careless attitude towards their work. It has been noticed that employees are following a very indiscipline work approach and are staying absent without any prior notification. Such irresponsible behavior will not at all be accepted by the management. With concern to the on going problems the management has decided to take strict actions against the employees who don’t follow the rules of leave laid by the company. For all the employees management is once again repeating the rules which have to be followed without any exceptions.

An employee is granted two days paid sick leave and one day other leave every month. It is mandatory for an employee to get the leave application sanctioned from the senior management. The rule is applicable for all kind of leaves whether it is a paid leave or then it is a non paid leave. If any employee stays absent without any prior information then no salary would be paid for the particular day. In case of an emergency it is necessary to inform about the reason of being absent to the HR department. Our company does not support any kind of short leaves. If any one has still any confusion, feel free to contact the HR team.
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  • Sample of Circular for Leave

    We hereby announce that leave will now be granted after due consideration from the supervising office of the individual departments. Earlier, the HR department had been entrusted with the task of ascertaining the suitability of granting leave to all employees regardless of which department they belonged to. It was noticed by the management that certain employees took advantage of this and requested for multiple leave during the year without completing the work projects allocated to them. Therefore, we have now changed our leave policy. Leave will only be granted after the supervising officer has examined if the employee has completed the work projects or finished key tasks for the entire duration of the period he or she will be absent from office.

    We are certain that our new leave policy will ensure that employees seek absence from work only after they have ensured that all their professional responsibilities have been met. However, we have also taken the decision to provide leave for health reasons without involving supervisors. Health conditions are a serious issue and we are aware that any kind of disease can impair the fitness of an employee to perform to his or her optimal best. We will therefore grant unconditional leave to employees who are diagnosed with any medical ailments. Such employees are required to submit a medical report to support their leave application. We have formulated a new leave policy that balances personal concerns with professional obligation. We also stipulate that maternity leave will be granted to all our lady employees regardless of whether they have completed their work projects or not.