Sample of Circular for No smoking

Sample of Circular for No smoking

It is said at one side of the cigarette there is fire and on the other side there is fool’s mouth. Our company doesn’t intend to have any kind of fools in the organization. We as a responsible organization prohibit smoking in the office premises. Our company has a no smoking policy. All the employees’ should take a note of the same. It is the moral duty of everyone at a common place to take care of the health and safety of the other people in an organization. All the employees are required to comply with the no smoking policy.

Whether it is the common areas like lifts, corridors, stairways, rest rooms, meeting rooms or the toilets, no one is allowed to smoke at any place. All the work areas and rest areas come in no smoking zones. The no smoking policy is formed to guarantee all employees the right to work in air free of tobacco smoke.
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  • Sample of Circular for No Smoking

    In an effort to protect the health of the non-smoker employees and the clients visiting the office, ABC Internationals shall be entirely smoke free, effective from March 1st, 2014. The company understands the hazard caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and therefore intends to provide a tobacco free environment to all its employees. The policy covers the smoking of any tobacco product and the use of oral tobacco product.

    Many studies have shown that there is no safe exposure to secondhand smoke. In fact it is more fatal than the actual smoking. When an individual is around a person who is smoking, he/she tends to inhale the same dangerous chemicals as the smoker. It can affect the health and overall wellness of other employees, especially can becomes a reason for cancer and heart diseases. Seeing the negative consequences the smoking is banned in the premises of company, except the areas which are given the status of Smoking Zones. The banned areas include all the work areas, the conference room, the meeting rooms, visitors’ hall, private offices, hallways, stairs, restrooms and all other adjoining areas. The only area left is the closed room which is designated as Smoking Zone, which is again strictly restricted to be used only by clients.

    All the employees are strictly advised to adhere with the changed policy. Any violations of this policy will be handled through the standard disciplinary procedure.