Sample of Circular for Public Holiday

Sample of Circular for Public Holiday

This is to notify to all the employees that we will be having a public holiday on 15th of August 2014. As you all people are well aware that 15th August is our independence day and is celebrated as a national holiday in India. The company shall also remain close on the same day.

Here I would like to bring light on the fact that being a part of the India we always make a point to celebrate our independence in the special little ways. As 15th of August is announced as holiday, therefore we would be celebrating the day on 14th of August. A special program has been kept where the employees will be presenting some sort of cultural activity whether it is music, art or dance. After the cultural program we would be paying a visit to the orphanage to distribute sweets and flags to the children.

Have a nice and independent time on 15th of August 2014!
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  • Sample of Circular for Public Holiday

    The offices of Smart Lawyer Legal Services Private Limited will remain closed on Monday, 30th May, 2013 on account of Independence Day. As Monday is a public holiday, we will not be working on this day. We are informing all our employees regarding this via email as well. We will send a reminder on Friday, 27th May so that all our staff and workers are clear that Monday is a holiday. This circular has been issued in advance to ensure that all our employees are aware regarding the holiday. We will also be allowing employees who do not live within 5 miles of the office to leave early on Friday so that they can avoid heavy traffic on the roads.

    Those employees who live at a further distance than 5 miles from our main office are required to notify the HR department that they will be leaving office early. We will be giving these employees the clearance to leave office 1 hour earlier than the usual closing time of 7:00 pm. We will also be allowing all lady employees to leave office 2 hours before 7:00 pm i.e. 5:00 pm. We are allowing most of our employees to leave early out of concern for the massive traffic jams that may build up due to holiday plans as most offices will now remain closed for the weekend as well as Monday. We expect our employees to work next Saturday to make up for the loss of working hours due to the public holiday.