Sample recommendation letter for an employee

Sample recommendation letter for an employee

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Bharat Arora. Several interns have worked with me over the past ten years and they have learnt quite well on their job. Among them. Mr. Arora is one of the best interns I could possibly have. He is very hard-working, honest and completely dedicated to his work.

In my absence during the product presentation meeting last month, he comfortably filled my shoes and executed my role with great efficiency. Our clients were extremely happy with his presentation and the attitude he displayed during the meeting. With good interpersonal skills and a composed mind frame, he managed to excel in his duty.

Bharat is a kind and a compassionate man who is mainly concerned with his work. His enthusiasm to learn is very inspiring for other interns as well. He has excelled in every project he has been assigned. He carries out his responsibility really well and in a timely manner.

I am quite sure, if Mr. Arora joins your company, he will prove to be a great asset.

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  • Sample recommendation letter for an employee -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter for recommendation

    I am ABC, CA, self practitioner. I am writing this letter to project Ms. MN for the post of Finance Manager in your esteemed organisation. She has completed her articleship under my supervision and I can very confidently vouch her for any higher position with my utmost satisfaction.

    She has already completed with her C.A. course and has received her certified degree for the same. She is an ever consistent performer, giving the assigned task to the utmost satisfaction. She has always been punctual in her duties and has a smart approach to work. Best suitability to the working environment is her special feature to project with. The zeal and enthusiasm to learn new task and best performance at the given time is worth appreciating.

    With her study graph and performance record throughout the course, she has been the best ever shining student. A non-compromising attitude towards the work quality and efficiency always helps the organisation with a high output. She is undoubtedly a good revenue package for any organisation.

    Having a long-standing relationship on good terms with yourself, I would definitely prefer to provide you with a good and trustworthy employee. I look forward to see Ms. MN joining your firm and growing in her career and your organisation both.

    Thanking you, in anticipation.
  • Sample recommendation letter for an employee -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter for Recommendation

    Please let this letter serve as a heartfelt recommendation for a young man who is applying at your firm, Mr. Arjun Gupta.

    Mr. Gupta has been with ABC for many years. He has been invaluable to the running and growth of our small company. He takes the younger guys under his wing and teaches them all the tricks of the trade. He is a very hard working and sincere employee of our company. He was responsible for the success of many of our projects. He has always been a regular and punctual employee.
    We are extremely reluctant in letting our hard worker to leave our company. It was but for the sake of the employee, who is eager in furthering his career. In letting Mr. Gupta leave our company we are losing a diligent worker.

    We highly recommend him for the job. He will defiantly be an asset to your company.