Sample resignation from a job where you are not valued

I am writing this letter to announce my resignation from the position of Accounts Officer at Momentum Financial Private Limited.

I am very unhappy and dissatisfied with the refusal of the management to consider me for the position of Chief Accounts Officer at the company. I have worked hard for the past 10 years and I have never neglected my duties for even a single day.

As a graduate in financial management from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business College, I was offered jobs at several leading companies. However, I chose to work for Momentum Financial Private Limited even though it was a young organization formed in 1998.

I am very sad at the current state of affairs in the Accounts department. As an Accounts Officer at the company, I have consistently met targets and authored complex audit and account reports for the company meeting regularly. I have not asked for more than one week of leave every 6 months. I have reported to work on time every day and I am a disciplined and hardworking professional.

I have been denied promotions at the company for a very long time now. As a professional who has committed himself to working with diligence and passion, I expected a promotion in due course. I feel that my efforts in the organization have not been given due appreciation. I am therefore resigning from my current post at the company.
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  • Sample resignation letter from a job where you are not valued

    I am resigning from the post of Senior Financial Analyst at ABC Internationals effective from March 12, 2014. As per the company norms, I am giving four weeks notice that will provide sufficient time to find my replacement.

    Although I have enjoyed working at ABC Internationals, I cannot continue working as despite achieving the set sales targets, the company is not ready to make any increment in the salary. It has been two years in a row that I have been one of the top performers in the company. I have always delivered more than the set targets. There are no changes made in the incentives band which hardly leaves any room for self-satisfaction. All the hard work seems to be of no value for the company. It has also started hampering my confidence and I have been working under tremendous stress for the past few days. I could no longer continue working under these conditions.

    I will complete all the pending tasks and assignments in the notice period. If required, I will provide the training and will share my knowledge and skills with the replacement. Should you require any additional information from me, please contact me at 333-33333 or mail me at