Sample resignation from a job with which you have a conflict of principles

Please accept this letter as an official notice of my resignation from the post of Chief Investigating Officer at Texas Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.

For 4 years since the new management has taken over the company, I have noticed that research procedures are not being properly followed at the research laboratories and manufacturing plants. I am aware that a company has to make profits. But the lack of proper procedures for making medicines at our company plant and lab can have serious consequences for the patients.

A pharmaceutical company has the moral responsibility of ensuring that the products they create are safe for consumption. If proper procedures and regulations are not followed, then the company will be doing a huge disservice to society.

Please note that the company has a duty towards all its consumers. The people who take our medicines are suffering from serious medical diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. If we do not pay heed to the quality of the medicine, people can actually die from adulterated or improperly manufactured tablets and capsules.

I am a responsible member of society and I cannot work in a company which goes against my principles. Therefore, I have no option but to resign from my current work position as I am of the firm opinion that unprincipled actions such as those taken by this company are completely unacceptable.
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  • Sample resignation letter from a job with which you have a conflict of principles

    Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from The Sunshine School, effective from 1st May 2014. I am informing the company 4 weeks before as per the norms signed at the time of joining.

    I always wanted to work in a school where the course of learning and teaching occurs in an environment in which the rights of students and teachers are persistently being impartial against the responsibilities and rights of school officials to sustain a secure, caring and organized environment. But to my dismay I have noticed racial discrimination and affluence level discrimination taking at a large scale in the school premises. The rich students are given special privileges and the one who comes from a poor background are treated with a harsh attitude. Even the discrimination is done on the basis of colors which is really surprising in this modern world.

    It is unbelievable that the educators who have the responsibility to build the nation leaders are involved in such a work. When I tried to talk about the problems with the higher management I was advised to enjoy my salary and benefits. But I am not here for my personal benefits. I am a person with integrity which means consistently doing what is right, even when it would be easier to do something that is personally more beneficial. I strongly oppose such practices and immediately resign from the school.