Sample suggestion letter to boss

Sample suggestion letter to boss

I am writing this letter representing our team views and ideas for the utilization of team fund in a far more appealing manner.As we know that every team receives the monthly pay-out for their entertainment, and the contests held from time-to-time for the performance again add up to the team fund. So far, we are spending the amount for dinners and parties. However, we could use the same for some noble cause.

We would be more than happy to spend the team fund on some orphanage, feeding children there, and see their faces blossom. We can enjoy quality time with them which will give immense pleasure and satisfaction.

This is not an individual opinion. After consulting and discussing with every member of the team, I had decided to approach you regarding the same. If interested, we can have our team meeting and discuss the matter.

Eagerly awaiting your reply.
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  • Sample suggestion letter to boss -Renita Rodrigues (03/23/14)
  • Sample suggestion letter to Boss

    I am writing to you regarding an important issue that our organization is facing for quite some time. The issue is about newly hired employees quitting within few months of joining the

    organization. The candidates that we recruited have left within three to four months, almost at the time when their training period is over and we expect them to be more productive.

    This has been continuing from the past one year and especially in the sales department. Understandably, such a trend won’t work in the favour of the organization.

    I have two things in mind in order to end this. I believe we need to hire more committed employees who have been consistent in their previous companies. Another very important suggestion I

    would like to make is to get the candidates sign a one year commitment to the company. In this way we would be able to come across more loyal candidates.

    I am very confident that implementing this would improve sales and productivity. We will also save a lot of time and resources over recruitments and instead can use that time to brainstorm

    and come up with new ideas and strategies to increase sales.

    Hope you would look into my suggestion. If you need additional information regarding this issue, I will be glad to meet you.