Sample suggestion letter to management

Sample suggestion letter to management

I am writing this letter on behalf of Grade C employees of our organization. With no harsh feelings or opinions, the employees categorised under Grade C have a very humble request regarding our performance pay-out.

It is been observed over a period of years that the complete attention of the senior management is consolidated towards the Grade A and Grade B employees, who are the team managers and their immediate subordinates. All sorts of incentive plans are created with respect to their work criteria; even the least performer gaining the incentive more than the salary of the highest paid Grade C employee.

Grade C employees want to have performance pay-outs, with new encouraging criteria being set every month and contests held from time-to-time to keep up workman spirit. This would bring eagerness and enthusiasm within employees. This encouragement will definitely reflect on the organization’s productivity and net output.

Kindly consider our proposal meant for the betterment of both – employees as well as the organization.

Eagerly awaiting your positive response.
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  • Sample suggestion letter to Management

    I am writing to the management to make a very important suggestion on behalf of all full time employees. It is to have a shorter work week and weekends off. We all believe that having a five

    days work week with 10 hrs of work each day would be preferable than the usual 6 days work week, 8 hours each day.

    Several companies have adopted this work plan and have seen a considerable improvement in productivity. Above all it gives an opportunity for workers to have a better work-life balance.

    Employees have the option to pursue their hobbies and passions over weekends and spend more time with family and friends. This will ensure that employees come back to work each week feeling

    more refreshed.

    I have attached a draft of the work schedule that we all of us have planned and it also contains the signature of every full time employee indicating their approval. It is undoubtedly,

    subject to changes though.

    I request the management to kindly consider our suggestion and meet few of us personally for a detailed discussion.

    Thank you. I will be waiting for your response.