Sample suggestion letter to school

Sample suggestion letter to school

As the head girl, I write this letter on behalf of the students of our school, to suggest the utilization of the left-out area behind our school playground.

I understand this area to be a part of our school property, as it lies within our school boundaries. So far, we have not seen anything beyond weeds growing out there. With lack of maintenance of this area, it has become a house of variety of insects.

Having a productive soil there, we can use the area to develop a green house. This could be a way to impart the knowledge of importance of growing plants and the green house concept from the early classes. On the higher perspective, we can reiterate the same in terms of encouragement towards plantation, botany and the agricultural science; which has lost its charm and became a stigma constrained to the rural India. This could pave way for the learned people to help agriculture and farming sector, giving increased output.

I hope you find this letter of some importance and definitely give a thought in this direction.

Awaiting your positive response.

Thanking you in anticipation.
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  • Sample suggestion letter to school -Renita Rodrigues (03/23/14)
  • Sample suggestion letter to School

    I am proud to be studying at my school and enjoy learning every day. The teachers are very good and helpful and always eager to guide us. However, being the head girl, I felt obligated to

    write this letter, on behalf of all the students of my school.

    There are a few suggestions I wish to make, some of which have been contributed by other students, for the improvement of our school and to reach our goal of making it one of the best schools

    in the city.

    One is to add a little garden and inculcate in students early on the importance of a green environment. Students can volunteer to sow seeds, nurture the plants and see them grow. It will be

    nothing less than an enriching experience for all of us.

    Secondly each student would like to have mentors who could serve as their intellectual and emotional guide. Students could share details about them and receive guidance regarding different

    aspects of their lives like hobbies and careers. The mentor could also be the student’s counsellor and help them with their struggles and problems.

    Thirdly if it’s possible, we would like to have better technology at school. Learning can be improved by way of video tutorials and simulations related to the subjects we study.

    I hope you find our suggestions practical enough to be implemented. Await your positive response.